4.5 Million Blue Flowers Bloom Across Japanese Park Like a Field of Fairies


A big part of the culture in Japan is its flowers. Japan has different unique varieties of flowers that bloom for every season and give the lifelike color to the country. Stunning flower fields are very common throughout Japan.

Some of those flower fields are owned by the government which serves as a tourist location, while others are owned privately by farmers.

Most of the flower fields have different flower species in different rows and once the flowers bloom, it gives the field a wide range of beautiful colors.

If you ever get to visit the Hitachi Seaside Park at the end of spring, you will be left breathless from the lovely scenery from the bloomed blue Nemophila flowers. These flowers can be found anywhere in Japan, so they’re pretty common there.

What’s unique about them in the Hitachi Seaside Park is that you’ll find 4.5 million full-bloomed flowers throughout the entire park.

Hitachi Seaside Park is 190 hectares in size and contains different types of seasonal flowers. However, from April to mid-May, you will experience the Nemophila Harmony. These flowers are called ‘baby blue eyes’ for their soft blue hue and eye-like look. More than 3.5 hectares are covered with 4.5 million Nemophila flowers.

These 3.5 hectares are called the Miharashi hills. The entire hills have every spot covered with these flowers aside from the walkways. At the base level, you will get a great panoramic view because the hills are almost 60m above sea level.

You can also stand at the highest point of the hill which will give you the view of the wide stretch of these incredibly beautiful blue flowers. It’s almost as if you’re looking at a blue ocean combined with the incredible blue Japan sky. This visual beauty can be best described as picture-perfect.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, you might want to postpone this trip for some other time. Starting from April 4, 2020, the Hitachi Seaside Park started a lockdown until the end of the pandemic.

Usually, this park attracts thousands of daily visitors, which in these conditions can lead to a lot of people getting infected.

If you ever want to grow a garden of your own with these flowers, you can. The baby blue eyes are flowers from the Nemophila Menziesii which is a flowering plant that’s a spill-out or used as ground cover. The plant is really easy to maintain and it’s usually cultivated for the lovely flowers.

Baby blue eyes do not last through the winter, which is why they’re an annual plant. You should plant this flower in the early days of spring so that they can bloom through summer.

Only 2-10 of these plants are enough to cover up your whole garden. After the flower blooms, its petals cover the small stems completely. This flower is very small so it’s rarely grown indoors.

As the flower grows, it does not require fertilizer. However, if you want you can add some amount of fertilizer before planting the seeds. During germination, the plant requires lots of water, especially in the first six weeks.

However, make sure that you cut back with watering them when they are in bloom. Do not cultivate the plants under direct sunlight. Partial shade is where they grow and bloom best. You won’t have major problems with pests and disease infestation because these plants don’t live long.




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