Banksy Transforms His Own Bathroom Into an Art Installation While in Quarantine


During the quarantine, the main way to keep the sanity going is to find a thing that will occupy the time. Some people are working at home such as lawyers, programmers, designers, accountants, and more.

However, for other people that cannot do their work at home, it becomes difficult to fill in their time. It’s especially hard for people that work by creating public art.

One such artist, Banksy, which many people claim to be the world’s best and most famous street artist, found a very interesting way to fill his home isolation.

The answer to how he fills in the time at home was posted on his newest Instagram post.

Banksy’s work can be found all across the world, from Manhattan to Israel’s West Bank. His latest masterpiece was done in the quarters of his own home, painting rats in his bathroom.

These small rats run about in his artwork, doing all kinds of things with objects found in the bathroom. The picture that Banksy posted had the caption “My wife hates it when I work from home.” From the posted pictures, you can see the captivating creativeness of Banksy’s mind.

These small mischievous rats were having an amazing time running about in the bathroom. One of the rats is running on top of the toilet paper while another squeezes out the toothpaste on the wall while hanging from a towel ring.

You can even see a rat urinating in the toilet; however, it completely misses the hole and makes a huge mess. One rat helps another by piggybacking him to reach the mirror while another rat is on top of the mirror case, trying not to fall off.

In the reflection of the mirror, there’s a rat that is marking off the days that it spent in quarantine.

Banksy’s art brings some humor which is what everyone needs during these hard and boring times. This quarantine cannot stop a creative mind and that shows by his work.

Even though he is stuck in his house, he still finds a way to make things interesting for him and express his creativeness to the world. More and more artists are sharing their home projects online and some of them become very viral. 


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