Florida POLICE were called for a woman screaming ‘LET ME OUT.’ It was a PARROT.


This incident happened in Lake Worth Beach, Florida, where the screams of a parrot mimicked a woman in trouble and confused the neighbors.

Usually, the neighborhood is very quiet, so something like this would be heard by every neighbor.

While a man was changing the brakes of his wife’s car, he took his 40-year-old parrot named Rambo with him outside and did not expect what would happen next.

Rambo has a very unique personality and the owners commented that he loves talking and singing. During the time that he took the parrot out and was fixing his wife’s car, the police arrived.

They were in a rush and claimed that the neighbors alerted them that a woman was in trouble and was heard screaming for help. The owner of the parrot was completely confused before he figured out what was happening.

After explaining to the police that the neighbors probably heard his parrot screaming and singing, the policeman burst out laughing. After the policeman left, the owner decided to meet the neighbors with his parent and they also laughed about the situation.

Sometimes, Rambo screams out “help, let me out!” and it’s no wonder that the neighbors thought to call the police to intervene.

Even though this story has a very comedic aspect to it, it shows you how responsible the owner’s neighbors are. After hearing the screams, instead of ignoring them, they alerted the police. This is how every community should be like.

If you ever hear something similar in your neighborhood, don’t ignore it. Make sure you report it to the police, even if the situation turns out like this. It’s better for the situation to turn out to be a misunderstanding than have someone be in actual trouble and you ignore it.


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