If You Love Her, Don’t Destroy Her.


Your healthy relationship may become a destructive one in case you treat your girlfriend less than how she deserves to be treated.

What you should understand, is that in case you genuinely love her, you should step outside of your comfort zone. This means that you should transcend your present limits as well as give her the attention that she really needs.

You should love her right. You should also cast each ray of awareness upon your love for her. That awareness can actually keep your relationship healthy.

There is something about your girlfriend you have not found in anybody else, whether it’s her independence, her sense of humor, her wild nature, or her beauty.

In case you genuinely love her, then try to keep her wild, beautiful, and complete.

You probably play a great role in her life. The way you treat her determines how she sees herself—you can make her feel lost or make her shine.

In case you love her, do not destroy her.

Your girlfriend was probably destroyed before. So, she does not want any other destruction. In case she is with you, remember that she’s overcome her insecurities and fear to be with you. Moreover, she’s stepped over her past and chosen to give you a chance. That’s why you should not let her down.

Try to be present. Your emotional absence can destroy her. You may sit with her all day long and not actually be present.

Remember that in case you ignore her and forget her, you will probably break her down and change her forever. You can change her into a person that’s nothing like the girl you fell in love with.

Do not destroy her. Instead, try to become the man that’s able to embrace her rampant soul, her free spirit, and her wild heart.

Try to stimulate her being, her emotions and her thoughts. You will destroy every inch of her in case you only love her when you are feeling lonely, as she does seek your love in each moment, not just when your insecurities and fears strike.

In case you truly love her, then love her with all her insecurities and flaws. She’s actually as imperfect as you are. Also, she does hope to share that imperfection with you. She does want to be utterly herself and undress her soul in front of you.

She does want to be the same way with you that she’s in the mirror—free, wild, and crazy. In case you aren’t ready to accept her as she is, you’ll destroy her.

In case you love her, then build her up, since she’ll do the same for you. What effort you put in, she’ll put in double.

In case you take her to a well, then she will introduce you to the ocean. In case you show her the moon, then she will show you the whole galaxy. In case you truly love her and treat her right, then she will love you more.

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