These Women Didn’t Lose a Single Pound, but Their Transformations Will Amaze You


The scale isn’t always the best tool to track your weight-loss progress. It can downright lie to you at times, actually. These transformation photos show women at the exact same weight before and after, but their bodies have clearly changed, looking leaner and stronger. If the numbers on the scale have been a source of frustration for you, these photos will make you feel better (and skip hopping on the scale!).

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I have been working on SHIFTING MY MINDSET…. Changing the way I think about WEIGHT and the SCALE. And these last 41 days are really helping me get there! As a wellness coach I am continuously learning more and am being inspired by others daily! This community has really helped me OPEN MY EYES to what is really IMPORTANT when it comes to being healthy…MINDSET! 👉Self-LOVE, feeling and becoming confident, Determination, Hard Work, NUTRITION, Dedication and the willingness to push myself past what I ever thought I was capable of! The scale can suck it! Look at this Chica!!! The scale tells us a much different story here than these pictures. She is 5’2 and 150lbs in both pics…but the pictures truly show the difference between just losing weight, and being healthy and strong both mentally and physically! In her words: “It's awesome to have goals!! But I wanted to show a quick reminder as to why we shouldn't focus so much on losing a certain amount or weighing a specific amount of weight. I'm 5'2" and weigh 150lbs. If I were to tell anyone that without them physically seeing me, they'd think I was overweight. We need to erase the stigma of the scale.” If you want to start making changes inside and out and don’t know where to are ✌️ways to—> send me a message or Click the link in my Bio 🧘‍♀️ —————————— #mindsetiskey #momlifebelike #losefatgainmuscle #momlifebelike #momminainteasy #bepositive✌ #loveyourselffirst #screwthescale #scalecansuckit #linkinbio

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So I started cutting this week and I haven’t really spoken about it much so I thought I’d cover a few things . I’ve finished my bulk weighing in at 72kg !! This is a lot more then I thought I’d get to but I had a lot of life changes, I didn’t weigh myself during and I also stopped tracking macros so a bigger gain was inevitable however I needed to give myself a reality check which is why I’ve put these images together because the last time I weighed this my body composition was completely different which means all this hard work I’ve been putting in is sooo worth it . I’m excited to cut down and see where my physique is at this time round ———————————————— #Physique #WomensPhysique #Abs #GirlsWithAbs #AbSelfie #Glutes #Quads #Fitness #GymLife #FitChick #FitnessJourney #FitSpo #FitFam #UKFitFam #FatToFit #GirlsWhoLift #GirlsWithMuscle #BodyBuilding #GirlGains #Weightlifting #Powerlifting #Workout #StrongNotSkinny #BeAVisionary #ScrewTheScales #SelfLove #Progress #PhysiqueUpdate #WeightLossJourney #GymsharkWomen

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Transformation 🙌🏼🙌🏼 #ScrewTheScales

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