10 Fantastic Cleaning Car Hacks

No matter how meticulous you are in keeping your car clean, it will certainly get dirty for a very short period of time. There will certainly appear some stains, spots or an accumulation of the pollen or dust.

This is a reason why there are a million car-cleaning products used, and most of the people even don’t pay attention what is the content of them. The fact is that they are filled with a lot of nasty chemicals, which may cause numerous health problems, especially if you think about the healthy environment for your children who are more sensitive on the influence of the external factors.

So, if it is a time to give your car entirely cleaning, and avoid nasty chemicals, you can do it in a natural way.

Here you can find the ultimate list of car – cleaning products, and you’ll notice that most of the mentioned ingredients you already have lying around your house!

  1. Natural carpet cleaner

All those dark, muddy and dirty stains on your fabric and mats can be effectively used with this all-natural solution.

–           Mix white vinegar and baking soda and create a paste,

–           Work it right into the problem area with a toothbrush

–           Let it dry completely, then vacuum it thoroughly

Make your car look brand new!

  1. Cheap foam brush or paintbrush to dust

With a foam paintbrush or small bristle get into the vents and all around the knobs. This cleaning should follow by vacuuming to clean that dust.

  1. Olive oil to condition and polish the leather on your dashboard

Instead of toxic sprays or wipes for cleaning your dashboard all you need is a cloth and some olive oil, which can make that leather look shiny and new.

  1. Spray bottle of water and a sponge to remove pet hair

Vacuuming of your seats can be replaced by spraying them. After spraying use a squeegee-like you would in the shower and drag it along the seats. It will result by the instant appearance of all pet hair, which will come right to the surface.

  1. All-natural car freshener

All toxic car fresheners should be limited or completely avoid. According to the bloggers Jen and Joey, mixing baking soda and essential oils inside a Mason jar with holes, can eliminate odors from your car and leave it fresh.

All that should be done is to place it in a cup holder or on the floor in a secure spot, and you’ll enjoy that clean air.

  1. Streakless windshield wipers

Your windshield can be wiped down by wipers with regular household rubbing alcohol, and it will prevent smudging and smearing.

  1. Vinegar and newspaper for streak-free windows

Spray your windshield and windows with vinegar, and after a few minutes wipe it all off with newspaper. Maybe it sounds crazy, but your windows will be without streaks.

  1. Shiny chrome wheels

Prepare mix of equal parts vinegar and water and store it in a spray bottle. Spray all over your chrome, then wipe it down with a rag.

  1. All-natural wheel cleaner

Prepare a paste by mixing some baking soda and water, rub it, with a brush, all over your wheels, and then rinse them off.

  1. Good old organic car wash

Instead of going for a car wash that covers your car in chemicals, use all-natural liquid Castile soap (from plant oils) and mix it up with some water. Lather up the car, then rinse it, and you’re ready to enjoy in your totally clean car.

Final Word

All the natural cleaning ingredients you have at your disposal, so, there’s no need to go out and buy a basket full of specialized car cleaning products. As it is mentioned before, most of those products contain dangerous chemicals that are better to avoid.

If you use natural ingredients, such as vinegar and baking soda it is not only eco options, but it will save you money, too.





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