15 Habits of People With Concealed Depression

Depression is a serious mental disorder that can often go unnoticed for years and years.  People suffering from depression battle their own demons, not sharing their struggle with others because they do not want to burden the people around them.

The thing is that, for most of us, wounds are not something that we want to share with others.  There is a tendency to bottle things up and try to make everything better by ourselves.  If you’re reading this, the chances are that you know someone who you want to understand better or else you feel it refers to you yourself.

I have often noticed the following habits in people trying to deal with concealed depression:

  1. They are very expressive and often quite talented.

There are many famous people who have suffered from mental illness, and their suffering often gives them much deeper emotions.  If you think about it, this can actually be part of their greatness and their work often reflects their inner struggle. These people often have the ability to turn the darkness that is consuming them into something poignant and beautiful.

  1. They tend to be searching for a purpose to their life.

All of us need to feel a purpose in our life and to believe that what we are doing is in some way meaningful.  People with hidden depression are no different in wanting to find a reason for their existence.  They can just be more susceptible to feelings that they cannot achieve what they are searching for and be left with feelings of anxiety and inadequacy.

  1. They sometimes seem to be making muted cries for help

Everybody needs help sometimes.  However, we may not perceive the cries for help of people that we don’t expect to feel weak or depressed.  If you do manage to notice they need help and are able to provide support, then you create a close and trusting bond with them.

  1. They have a different interpretation of substance use.

People who deal with depression are usually aware of what they can take to relieve their anxiety.  They know that coffee and sugar can lift their mood and which medicines can help them.  Unlike most people, they actually put a conscious effort into trying to feel better, but it isn’t as simple as taking an aspirin when you feel a headache coming on.

  1. They often have a rather complex view of life and death.

People who are suffering from depression often have moments of despair when they face their own mortality and try to find answers to the deepest questions of life.  They often go from one terrible mindset to another and, although not all depressed people have thoughts of suicide, some really do.

  1. They have unusual eating habits.

When they are feeling their worst, people with depression may only eat very little or not at all.  However, there are some who eat much more when they are at their lowest, so it varies from one person to another.

  1. Their sleeping habits are abnormal.

Some people with depression can often sleep for days on end, because it may seem that it is the only thing that they can do.  However, at other times they may find it impossible to sleep. This reflects the helplessness that they feel and this rocks their world.

  1. They often have abandonment issues.

Anyone who has dealt with abandonment knows how terrible it can be.  It can be totally devastating to have someone walk out of your life and for people with depression, this experience has an even greater impact.  It leaves them with a deep fear that their loved ones will leave them and this results in their being more insecure and more secretive about their feelings.

  1. They are skilled at coming up with plausible ‘cover-up’ stories.

They can easily come up with elaborate and believable excuses for the things they’re going through.  If they skip an appointment or don’t return calls for days, they can skillfully change the subject and turn attention away from their painful feelings.

  1. They probably have habitual remedies.

There are several things that people with depression can do to try and ease their minds.  For example, they may go out for a walk, do exercise, listen to music, and so on in an attempt to take their mind off their pain.

  1. They always make an effort to seem happy.

People with hidden depression are good at faking moods and can often seem quite normal and happy on the outside.  They learn to fake it and feel as if they are disappointing others if they let their inner struggles and feelings show.

  1. They hunger for love and acceptance.

People with concealed depression want to be loved and accepted just like everybody else.  They do not want to be dishonest when they are hiding their depression but rather are trying to protect their hearts from eventual pain.

  1. They have trouble switching off

These people tend to process all the things going on in their lives at top speed.  They over analyze both the good and the bad and this makes everything have a greater impact on them.  They absorb everything that comes their way as if their brains were sponges.

  1. They hurt when others hurt.

When they see others suffering, it brings them to their lowest points.  These kinds of experiences can trigger their emotional pain and can be quite crippling.

  1. They always dwell on worst-case scenarios.

This feeling of always expecting the worst is very stressful, but it can sometimes be beneficial in that it makes these people good problem solvers.  It seems that a high intelligence is often linked with depression and these people can respond to all that comes their way.

If you or someone you care about may be suffering from hidden depression, then ask for help or offer help.  It is neither easy nor productive to fight depression alone.  Those who get the needed help can move forward and find the world a wonderful place.  You can stop feeling like a burden to others when you let those who care about you know your feelings and help you.

Via: myinformator.com

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