2 APPLES, 1 LEMON AND 1 CUP OF OATS, Prepare To Lose Size Without Any Control

This smoothie presented here is totally natural and is combined with 3 super powerful ingredients and extremely essential when someone is tending to lose weight and sizes. It is that effective because these ingredients when combined together help to alkalize your body, undoing toxins, eliminating cholesterol, and providing protection from a heart attack and stroke.

One of its main ingredients are the Apples, which are acting like many other fruits in helping to lose weight when are consumed regularly.

According to the nutritionists, any fruit is good to include in our diet, even the banana, which is very sweet but has an interesting diuretic effect. However, one of the most effective fruits for losing weight is the apple green.

Why does green apple help us lose weight?

It contains an interesting and rich nutritional composition from which are derived all the properties:

–           Provides plenty of dietary fiber in the form of pectin, making it essential for two reasons:

  • It helps to regulate peristalsis or intestinal motility and
  • Helps to control appetite more easily due to its satiating effect.

–           The apple is an important source of vitamins in group B, which are essential to

  • Properly metabolize nutrients and especially carbohydrates,
  • Prevent carbohydrates from being subsequently converted to fat.

–           Because of low sodium content green apple is a great option when being overweight is accompanied by fluid retention,

–           The green apple is very low in calories since one piece only contains about 80 calories.

–           It slows the absorption of sugar in the intestine, so it also prevents sudden releases of the hormone insulin,

Knowing all those benefits of the green apple that help losing weight, they should be consumed regularly on a daily basis.

Recipe of This Smoothie


–           2 Organic apple (preferably green)

–           125 gr of oats

–           1 Organic lemon

–           1/2 liters of mineral water


1)         Apples should be cut into small pieces

2)         Put the chopped apples in your blender and pour the mineral water

3)         Incorporate your oats with apples and water and mix until you get a nice smooth homogenous mixture.

4)         After pouring the mixture into a bowl, squeeze the juice of your organic lemon and stir in the mixture.


Consumption should be once a day, and the best effects are before going to sleep.

The treatment with this smoothie lasts for seven days, and can be consumed with ice. If you want you can continue to get even better results.

Source: homeremediesgarden.com


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