7 Proven Ancient Methods To Remove ALL Negative Energy From Your Home

The energy cannot be seen by the naked eye but it can be certainly felt.  You probably have experienced different effects of the energy in your life, for instance meeting people that are not according to your perception those that can be in your company because they give off “negative vibes.” Sometimes when you visit some house or a building and not felt comfortable, that is a sign of the presence of negative energy there. Also, when you are living in a house and you notice suffering more ill-health, arguments, accidents, lose things or break things that will tell you to clear it of negative energy

So, if you are wondering how to remove negative energy from your home or your environment, there are many experienced strategies, which are based on simple cleansing rituals that stimulate a free flow of positive energy. The advantage of those rituals is that they can be done individually, but many of them can be combined and are most powerful if used together.

The people have been aware of the power of negative energy for millennia, and its power to have a huge impact and range from simple bad vibes to malicious entities. The consequences of the negative energy can be that serious and cause various problems and even completely ruin one’s life.

However, these issues can be prevented by eliminating all the bad energy around you (your home, or workplace) by following these 7 ways:

  1. Essential Oils

The essential oils, such as lavender, patchouli, and frankincense, have been used in many rituals in different cultures and many of them have had a goal to cleanse the environment of negative energies.

  1. Plants

The energy is drawing from different sources in order to feed emotional states and this can essentially energize cells within our body. There have been used specific herbs for millennia, whose frequencies are known in spreading the positive energy.

Here we can emphasize some of them


Those Plants are amazing air purifiers and boost mood and positivity.

  1. Meditation

The strategy with the meditation can attract massive amounts of positive energy and accordingly eliminates the negative vibration.

The people should be focused on training how to meditate and get the best effects of it and stimulate causes of all problems and suffering, and experience purer states of happiness.

  1. Smudging Ceremonies

This is the old strategy of fighting the negative energy and has been practiced for millennia by burning sage. This ceremony requires burning the white sage and rotating it in a counterclockwise motion.

  1. Rearranging the Furniture

One of the very simple methods of improving the energy in the room can be by rearranging the furniture. This activity will help the energy flow by opening a route for the negative energy to go out.

  1. Salt

Using the salt to neutralize negative energies is a common process used in many families. Salt crystals have an amazing natural ability to absorb negative energy. You should sprinkle a bit around the carpet or put bowls of salt in the corners of the room and remove after a few hours.  This method will cleanse negative and improve the positive energy in the home at the same time.

  1. Remove Clutter

As the negative energy very easy occupies the space just like the mess in the home it is necessary to remove it in order to eliminate the bad vibrations.

Additional tips

Using the strategies above for clearing negative energy can be hugely helpful, however taking the responsibility for your own attitudes, thoughts, beliefs, health, and relationships will be of great importance. Energy in our environment can be a factor in our wellbeing, and it is all about changing OUR energy, too.


Source: educateinspirechange.org

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