9 Good Reasons to Drink Beer! No.2 is Crucial!

Beer is among the most popular drinks everywhere in the world is a beer. According to the experts, a glass of beer a day can actually provide you with a wide number of health benefits.

This alcoholic beverage contains phenols, natural antioxidants that can help fight cell damage and reduce inflammation.

The beer has so many benefits, from fighting disease to strengthening your mind, and many people claim to put it on a list of superfoods.

In the article below you can find more about the reasons that validate beer drinking and there are listed the top 10 reasons why you should consume a beer:

  1. It keeps kidneys in good condition.

Numerous studies have found that beer keeps safe the kidneys and protects them from making kidney stones by incredible 40%.

  1. Beer enhances the quality of bones.

It increases the bone density due to its containment of some level of silicon.

  1. The known fact, worldwide is that the beer reduces the bad cholesterol in the blood.
  2. Beer helps with insomnia.

It influences the work and energy of the organs, thanks to the lactoflavin and nicotinic acid, making their activity slower and promoting sleep.

  1. Beer is rich in vitamins B 9 B1, B2, B6, and B12.

It is a rich source of those vitamins, better than wine, more than 30%.

  1. Beer provides normal blood circulation and prevents blood clots from forming.
  2. Protects from a heart attack.

The people who drink beer are protected from a heart attack more than those people who drink other kinds of alcohol or beverages. Its effectiveness is estimated at about 40 to 60%.

  1. Eliminates an anxiety and relaxes the body and mind from all kinds of stress.

Two glasses of beer are the perfect solution for releasing stress.

  1. Effectively boosts the memory.

Some of the ingredients in the beer are good for improving the memory sense. Some investigations have shown that beer drinkers are better in memorizing and noticing things more than the others. The beer is also recommended for the people who have symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

In addition, it is a perfect solution for beautiful and youthful skin, thanks to the vitamins it contains, which regenerate the skin and renew its cells. It also improves the effects on the pigmentation.

It is also important how the beer is consumed in order to get all the benefits from it.

Look at the GUIDELINES offered here:

–           Drinking beer has limits. Men are allowed to drink up to three glasses, while women can drink one or two.

–           Not allowed for young people.

–           The limits for adults are 14 glasses a week for women and 21 glasses weekly for men.

–           Spread the consumption over the week, not at once.

–           Do not drink more than 5 glasses in a short time (for instance one night).

Try to follow this recommended quantity, because too much beer is too much alcohol, which can cause many damages to the health.



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