60 Alkaline Foods That Fight Cancer, Inflammation, Diabetes and Heart Disease!

The balance of the pH levels in our body has a dramatic effect on our health and these levels should be kept at about 7.4, or in an alkaline range.

Therefore, if you follow an alkaline diet, which includes nutrient rich natural fruit and vegetables, it will be of great help for keeping good health and proper body functions.

The list of alkaline foods that follow can help you keep a healthy pH level in the body, and therefore fight even the more serious illnesses like cancer, diabetes, inflammation and heart diseases.


–           Melons destroy toxins from the body and hydrate it

               Extra virgin olive oil

–           This oil contains monosaturated fats, a lot of vitamin E and is highly alkaline.

               Swiss Chard

–           It contains strong antibacterial, antiviral and antioxidant properties, and is highly alkaline.

               Flax seeds

–           They are rich in fiber and vitamin E and have potent anti-inflammatory properties


–           Berries are one of the healthiest foods you can get and are rich sources of fiber and antioxidants.

In the list below,   you will find alkaline foods that should be included in your diet:

Alkalizing fruits:

–           Orange

–           Lime

–           Coconut

–           Grapes

–           Avocado

–           Apricot

–           Banana

–           Pineapple

–           Tangerine

–           Lemon

–           Dates

–           Tropical Fruits

–           Grapes

Alkalizing protein:

–           Almonds

–           Tempeh

–           Chestnuts

–           Millet

–           Tofu

Alkalizing vegetables

–           Carrot

–           Been Greens

–           Onions

–           Tomatoes

–           Eggplant

–           Sprouts

–           Cabbage

–           Green peas

–           Spinach

–           Mushrooms

–           Mustard Greens

–           Wild Greens

–           Rutabaga

–           Wheat Grass

–           Celery

–           Edible Flowers

–           Collard Green

–           Sea veggies

–           Barley Grass

–           Alfalfa

–           Chlorella

–           Cauliflower

–           Green beans

–           Spirulina

–           Parsnips

–           Peas

–           Broccoli

–           Cucumber

–           Dandelions

–           Beets

–           Garlic

Alkalizing spices and seasonings

–           Mustard

–           Ginger

–           Cinnamon

–           Chili pepper

–           Tamari

–           Curry

–           All Herbs

         Other alkalizing foods

–           Molasses

–           Veggie juices

–           Mineral Water

–           Apple cider vinegar

–           Probiotic Cultures

–           Bee Pollen

–           Green Juices

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