All The Diseases Come Through Your Legs. Here’s How To Do Your Body A Big Favor And Detoxify It From All The Toxins

The responsibilities of our legs to the body are uncountable. They are allowing us to walk in a balanced way, lifting our weight, support doing the highly metabolic tasks like jumping and running etc. To make it all done we really need strong legs.

One of the most important thing for your legs is to keep them clean. The coating that we are offering you here is antibacterial and it improves the blood circulation and helps you eject all the impurities from your body.

The coating should be prepared in the evening and placed on your feet before going to bed, so you should let it stand over the night.

To prepare this coating you need onion as a key ingredient. It penetrates deeply through the skin into the bloodstream and that is a way how it purifies the blood.

Method of preparation:

–           Cut the onion into thin slices and wait for a few minutes,

–           When the onion juice appears on the onion slices, place these onion slices on your feet.

–           Then, wrap your feet in a transparent foil and

–           Finally, put on some thick socks.

For those who want to warm their feet, they can use wool socks. The purpose of foil is to keep this coating steady and tightly attached to your feet, and by the way, it stops spreading unpleasant odors from the onion.

As you already know that your skin is too sensitive to onions, then you need to apply some greasy cream or almond oil on them, before placing this coating.

Remove the all that stuff in the morning when you get up, and wash your feet with cold water. After washing the feet, put on some wool socks that will greatly warm your feet. This is the moment when your blood will begin to circulate very quickly.

This treatment is used by those who people who have diabetes and poor circulation.

However, this method is not only for those who have health problems, as it can be of great help for perfectly healthy people because everyone needs a good circulation.

In a case of the flu, pneumonia, and fever people can use the same method, too.



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