Feel Bloated? This is Why and What You Should Do to Relieve Constipation and Bloating

Unhealthy habits lead to bloating and flatulence and those two lead to ruined self-confidence.

If bloating or boasting are everyday issues for you, you might have some delicate habits considering your diet and you need to make some changes. The first thing to do is include more nutritious foods in your diet and review your most commonly consumed foods because some of those are the actual reason for your bloating and boating.

Besides from foods, bloating, gasses and constipation might result from stress or a low (reduced) number of good bacteria in your intestines.

The most common foods that are the reason for a bloated belly are:

1.Soft drinks

The carbon dioxide in the soft drinks is the main reason they are bloating your belly.


The oligosaccharide which is contained in the beans is one of the hardest carbohydrates for your body to process. To diminish the bloating effect that beans have on your belly, it is recommended to soak the beans before you cook them to lose most of the hard-to-process sugars.

3.Dairy products

The excessive consumption of dairy products such as milk, yogurt or cheese can result in flatulence. So, try replacing some of these products with soy, flax, almond or coconut milk.

  1. Salty foods

If your diet contains salty foods, you should be careful not to surpass the daily salt limit of 2,300mg because it can lead to retention of water in your body.

  1. Apples and pears

Apples and pears are one of the healthiest foods but they contain soluble fibers that can be harsh on a sensitive stomach. So, while is still good for your health to consume fruits on daily basis, it is important not to overdo it.

  1. Asparagus, broccoli, cabbage

Same as the apples and pears mentioned above, some vegetables like asparagus, broccoli and cabbage can cause bloated belly when they are overconsumed. There three contain raffinose, which is a trisaccharide that can only be digested when it reaches the large intestine.

7.Hard candies and chewing gums

Last on this list, we make space for candies and gums that contain artificial sugars and can lead to significant gastrointestinal issues. Also, they make you swallow even more and swallowing will only worsen the situation.

The good news are coming. In order to reduce the bloating and boasting, we have some foods that can help you with these issues. These 10 will also improve the function of your digestive system:

1.Apple cider vinegar

The most beneficial remedy against bloating is apple cider vinegar. 1-2 teaspoons mixed in a glass of water can help you boost digestion and stimulate digestive juices.


The pineapple is known for its anti-inflammatory properties but it also contains protein-digesting enzymes that help with bloating and flatulence.

3.Chamomile tea

Chamomile provides relaxing effects to every single body tissue, soothes the mucous and is helpful in eliminating stress, which as we mentioned above, is one of the main reasons for bloating.

Chamomile tea is regularly given to babies in order to relieve them of spasm and keep their bellies from bloating.


Parsley is a natural diuretic and thus can have fantastic effects in the case of indigestion or halitosis. It is as simple as spreading some parsley over your meals in small amounts to help reduce discomfort.


Lemons have similar attributes as the apple cider vinegar with the added bonus of Vitamin C. One glass of lemon juice every morning can completely eliminate your bloating issues.


Papain is a protein-digesting enzyme which is found in the Papaya. This enzyme dramatically reduces gasses and bloating. The Papaya can also kill some microorganisms that are responsible for belly bloating.


Fennel and fennel seeds trigger the bile flow and have a relaxing effect on the muscles in the digestive tract. By adding these in your diet, you can greatly reduce the bloating and gasses and scale down pain due to indigestion.


Ginger is exceptionally effective in battling gastrointestinal issues. It contains zingy bain, a protein-digesting enzyme that relieves bloating and gasses. Do yourself a favor and don’t forget to add ginger roots to your meals regularly.

9.Peppermint tea

Peppermint can have outstanding effects in the treatment of your contentious bowel syndrome. It soothes the digestive tract muscles and thus relieves pain caused due to indigestion.

10.Caraway seeds

The substantial carminative properties of the caraway seeds make them a great antagonist of digestive tract issues. They stimulate the growth of good bacteria in the intestines and you get tight and flat belly as a result. Oh and yes, they are phenomenal at preventing flatulence.

Source: myilifestyle.com

Reference: www.healthyfoodandhomeremedies.com


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