Stop Buying Avocados: Here’s How You Can Grow An Avocado Tree In a Small Pot At Home

Consumption of fruit, in general, has become a trend in the recent years, when the people are more and more oriented to a healthy food. Avocados are among the most popular fruits that in the last few years, are added to all kinds of recipes.

This popularity is thanks to the fact that avocados are incredibly healthy, and they are an incredible source of fiber, potassium, healthy fats, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin K.

Along with the increasing of the trend, has also increased the prices by more than ¼ in the recent years. However, we can suggest you an alternative, which will save you money and still enjoy these delicious fruits.

Namely, as many other people, you can grow your own, organic avocados at home, and here you can learn how to do that. You can manage to grow it by using only the seeds.

Here is the procedure how to grow them:

1)         After well cleaning, stick 4 toothpicks into it at equal distances.

2)         Put the prepared seed it into a glass of water, soaking in an inch of water.

3)         The glass should be kept in a warm place, but avoid direct sunlight,

4)         When the stem has grown to six inches and the roots are visible (approximately after about 2-6 weeks), cut the stem back to 3 inches, and wait until it grows again and more leaves appear.

5)         In a big pot with about 10 inches in diameter, with a small hole in the bottom for drainage. You should fill it with nutrient-rich soil and make a small hole in the top of the compost where you can place the seed inside, but remember not too deep.

6)         The pot should be positioned into a sunny area and watered regularly.

Some additional tips:

–           When you notice that the leaves of the tree are dry and brown, it is a sign for hydration. You can put the pot in the sink, and turn the tap on allow the water to run through the soil for a few moments.

–           If you are overwatering it, the leaves become yellow and droop, so the next few days it shouldn’t be watered.

With a proper care of the tree, you should expect bearing fruits after few years.

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