Husband Wanted

One day, among the other advertisements in the local newspaper, was found one very unusual one, put by a 70-year-old widow. She announced that she wanted to marry again.

Her requirements for a wanted husband were really unique, as she wanted to be of her age group, must not run around on her, must not beat her, and must still be good in bed. All applicants were suggested to apply in person.

The next day, she had a visitor in front of her door, a gentleman with a gray hair in a wheelchair, with no legs or arms.

She started the discussion with him, objecting that he doesn’t have legs, so the gentleman, smiling answer her that this is what she wanted, the husband that doesn’t run around her

The old lady continue objecting, mentioning that he doesn’t have any arms either!

The gentleman answered, smiling again that this was another her requirement because he can never beat her!

The final question of the old lady was concerning his ability in the bed.

Smiling again he answered that if that is not the case he will not, even think to ring the doorbell!

So, the old lady got what she wanted!!!


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