I Never Knew Being Lazy Could Do This To My Brain! This Changes Everything

People always tell us that physical inactivity and not getting the most out of every singly minute in the day is the worst way to live and that laziness is counted among the greatest sins.

However, this apparently may not be the whole truth.  Being active and on the move is, of course, a good thing generally although living life in the slow lane may also have its advantages.

The first thing we can mention is that adults are usually discouraged from taking naps in the afternoon although it appears that napping can actually be very beneficial for your health.  Likewise, lounging around and being a slowpoke is thought to be a flaw but may actually also have some benefits to it.

Some studies show this kind of behavior to be a great way to stimulate creativity, invention and motivation.

To make things clear, we are not saying you should pass your life lying on the couch, snacking and watching TV but rather that it is beneficial to take a few minutes of your time to rest when you feel the need.  This actually helps you feel refreshed and more energetic the next day.

We will tell you how, in fact, laziness can be good for you so next time you feel the need for a nap or just sitting down for a while, you can enjoy it without feeling guilty!

First of all, we need to keep in mind that laziness is quite normal and we humans have evolved for lounging because our bodies are permanently trying to conserve energy.

In the cold winter months, our bodies produce more melatonin and we feel sleepy whereas in the summer, the heat makes us want to avoid excessive activity.

So yes, laziness does have both mental and physical benefits, which include the following:

Improves workouts

Although this may sound a little counterintuitive, those who are lazy will not spend the whole day exercising and will tend to go for shorter high intensity workouts, which are actually more beneficial.

This leaves you with enough time to enjoy your day but also gets your blood pumping.  Studies show that shorter intense workouts followed by a period of resting promote losing weight and are much more effective than long boring workouts and training sessions.

Lowers blood pressure

We all know that stress has a negative effect on the entire body and it influences heart rate and blood pressure, which can lead to even more anxiety.  On the other hand, having a rest, breathing slowly and deeply and relaxing the mind and body all lower blood pressure and provide a sense of calm.

Stimulates creativity

Numerous individuals have come up with their best and brightest ideas while simply lying down without thinking of anything specific.  Letting the brain perform its natural cycle and organize thoughts, it can arrange and rearrange ideas in countless new and unusual ways.

In contrast to this process, trying too hard to come up with an idea can often cause anxiety and be counterproductive.

Enhances problem-solving skills

Giving your brain some time to find a solution means that it will eventually do it.  We don’t mean that you should be uninvolved and simply wait for things to happen on their own but rather that you need to determine when sometimes it may be best to just relax your mind so as to restore its optimal power in a while.

Enhances effectiveness

Agatha Christie, the famous and respected author, has stated that ‘In my opinion, invention arises directly from idleness…  to save oneself trouble’, in the belief that many inventions which make our life easier have come about as the result of somebody’s laziness.

Laziness may also force a person to speed up their performance of an action, simply to get it done quickly and save the time they need for resting.  Whatever the reason, the lazy people are those that usually get the task done quickly.

Appreciating the present moment

In this regard, laziness can resemble meditation in that it also encourages appreciation of the here and now.  Enjoyment of things in the present, like looking at the greenery outside, smelling the flowers in the garden, feeling the warmth of your morning cup of coffee and other small things can relax us and help the body recharge.

Supports reflection

In addition to awakening innovative thoughts, laziness can also give rise to philosophical ideas.  Sometimes simply wandering around aimlessly can help a person start resolving some complex issues and perhaps finding more effective ways.

This may also lead to better understanding of different things and people in life.

So, what kind of person are you?  Is it the workaholic type or to the kind that enjoys lying in bed all day long?  Are you able to balance both work and necessary periods of resting to make the best use of your energy?


Source: www.littlethings.com

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