If You Possess 4 of These Traits, You Are One of the Rarest People on Earth

Here you can find how Carl Jung sees the personalities of the people according to their represented general attitude:

–           Sensitive – intuitive,

–           Judging – perceiving,

–           Extroverted – introverted, and

–           Thinking – feeling.

According to the experts, the people who have the attitude to be Introversive, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging or INFJ, they belong to the group of the rarest type of persons.

Those people are quiet and always observing of what is going on around, however, they are not shy, but introverted. But, being quiet is not only one of their characteristics, so below you can find 10 traits of the unique INFJ personality. When you read all of them you can see do you belong to this group of people?

  1. The Focus is on Important Things

Their concentration is always on important things and they deal with challenges in a confident and easy way. In cases when the things go on wrong way, they are able to find new ways to achieve their goals.

  1. Hard Workers

The INFJ type of persons is real hard-workers. In order to make their dreams come true, they always try to do their best, because they believe that nothing comes easy in life.

  1. Believing in Their Gut

The letter “N” in INFJ stands of iNtuition, which means that these people possess a strong intuition. They have a sense when something bad is happening, so they immediately start doing something to fix it, and can predict if something is going to happen in their life.

  1. Only Few Chosen Friends

They don’t have a lot of close friends, so they choose a few friends carefully. They enjoy their solitude and they stay often alone, avoiding to be a part in large social groups.

  1. Empaths

In case someone needs help, they will be there to prove it. Also, they understand the feelings of others and are always ready to do something that other should do. That ability to feel what others feel is the reason why they often need to stay alone, which time they use to recharge their batteries.

  1. Read Other People Easily

As those people are empaths it means that they have the ability to read people’s minds through their emotions. They will easily notice if someone is lying. Having this ability helps them to stay safe when they are around people with bad intentions.

  1. Visionaries

When they are alone, they let their mind wander, getting a lot of new and creative ideas that can share with their friends.

  1. Inspiring

These people are thinkers, dreamers, and creative, so they have the ability to inspire everyone around them, especially their close friends.

  1. Love Towards Writing

They express their creativity and thoughts choosing writing as a way of expression. By writing their thoughts and feelings, they feel much calmer and peaceful.

  1. Great at Solving Problems

Because INFJ always sees the bigger picture they are natural when it comes to solving problems, noticing which things are not right and they can easily find a way to fix them.

To conclude, if you own at least 4 of the above-mentioned traits, you definitely belong to that unique group of the people that has rare personality type.

Source: gottadotherightthing.com


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