Magnesium Found to Treat DEPRESSION Better Than Antidepressant Drugs: New Science

Depression is a mental disorder that causes people to experience the loss of interest or pleasure, low self-worth or feelings of guilt, disturbed appetite or sleep, low energy, and poor concentration.

Signs and symptoms:

  • Tiredness and loss of energy.
  • Loss of self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Sadness that doesn’t go away.
  • Not being able to enjoy pleasurable and interesting things.
  • Difficulty concentrating.
  • Avoiding other people, even your close friends.
  • Feeling anxious all the time.
  • Feelings of hopelessness and helplessness.
  • Sleeping problems.
  • Very strong feelings of worthlessness or guilt.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Finding it hard to function at work/school.
  • Physical aches and pains.
  • Loss of sex drive and/or sexual problems.
  • Thinking about suicide and death.

What causes depression?

Depression can happen suddenly as a result of

–           Physical illness,

–           Unemployment,

–           Experiences dating back to childhood,

–           Bereavement,

–           Family problems or

–           Other life-changing events.

The most common chronic illnesses linked to depression are heart disease, cancer and back pain. Pituitary damage, a treatable condition which frequently follows head injuries, may also lead to depression.

How do you get help?

There are several different kinds of therapies, which can be advised by your GP

–           Counselling

–           Cognitive therapy

–           Psychotherapy

–           Anti-depressants

In many cases, your GP will prescribe you anti-depressants, either on their own or in combination with talking therapies.

Anti-depressants are very effective for many people but inevitably they do have side effects.

According to the new clinical research results, one of the most effective ways how to safely get rid of this problem is by getting magnesium.

Today, science is also confirming that magnesium is a safe, affordable and effective treatment for depression. Another advantage of using magnesium is that you don’t need bigger quantity, only a quarter of a gram of it is all that’s necessary, and it costs less than 10 cents a day.

And above, the powerful nutritional benefits of magnesium help

–           Impart enormous benefits for cardiovascular health, kidney health, brain health, and much more.

–           Prevent mineral deficiencies and chronic disease

Here is a video about the free market solutions that include health freedom and support for nutritional therapies and natural remedies, including more details about magnesium and depression:



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