Mothers Be Aware: This Vaccine Is Destroying Your Daughters Ovaries and Reproductive System

The shocking news that Gardasil vaccine, given for human papillomavirus (HPV), destroyed entirely ovaries of some Australian girls, raised the awareness to many young girls and their parents to think about its use at all. According to a recent study, the company that had produced it forgot to examine on the reproductive system of women.

This story was published by the British Medical Journal, which presented to the public what happened with the girl at the age of 16, who suffered from catastrophic effects, which were caused by this vaccine.

This girl experienced completely destroyed ovaries before their development, and she entered early menopause, which means that her full womanhood was derogated. Having that in mind, parents should be warned, not to give Gardasil in the case if somebody prescribed to their daughters.

The conclusion of the study was that this vaccine seriously damaged the function of ovaries, even 3 years after the menarche. The conducted examination showed that her ovaries were in a perfect condition before the vaccine.

Australian Therapeutic Administration (TGA), like FDA in the USA, stated that the company didn’t test the safety of this vaccine when it comes to the effects on the reproductive systems of women.

It is a fact that young women are the main target of Gardasil. In addition, the side – effects from Gardasil vaccine at longer period are still left indefinite. The boys have started to get this shot recently.

The investigative journalist Heidi Stevenson stated that there are at least two ingredients in Gardasil, which may cause the damage of the reproductive system in women.

This vaccine also includes Natural amino acid polysorbate 80, L-histidine – well-known as emulsifying preservative. Those ingredients are used in the production of various processed foods, consumed on a daily basis, but when they are in injection their biological reactions are totally different and cause many side effects.

Polysorbate 80 (or so-called Alkest, Canarcel or Tween 80) is the principal reason for damaging the female reproductive system, many studies confirmed.

In addition, these chemical additives have the ability to accelerate sexual maturation in women and tend to reduce the weight and function of the ovaries and the uterus.

Correspondingly, when is injected L – histidine, into the body, causes the body to develop an autoimmune system which negatively response to the natural substance.  This response, in many young girls who have been punched with Gardasil, can cause many of the serious side effects.


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