Mouthwash Isn’t Just for the Mouth. Here Are 10 Nifty Other Uses

Mouth washing is an essential part of your oral healthcare routine. There are numerous kinds of mouthwashes that are used for this purpose, such as Listerine, Crest etc.

However, the properties of the mouthwashes are wider than using them for oral health care. For this reason, we will present you in this article 10 unusual uses for mouthwash, which can be really surprising. The main contain in mouthwash is hydrogen peroxide or alcohol, which are giving them disinfecting and cleaning capabilities.

  1. Freshen up in a hurry

Sometimes, when you just don’t have time for a shower and you need to freshen up a bit after the workout, you can wipe a cotton ball moistened with mouthwash over your armpit, which will eliminate odor and kill bacteria.

If you are a traveler, you can create an emergency refresher kit by filling a small plastic bag with several cotton balls and a travel size mouthwash.

  1. Skip the professional pedicure

Your feet can be soft without an expensive trip to the nail salon, as you can do it at home.

All you need for this softener is Listerine, water, apple cider vinegar and a little time to soak.

  1. Repel bugs safely

The repellents with harsh chemicals for mosquitos can be replaced by homemade repellent made of a minty mouthwash. Pour it into a spray bottle and simply spritz on for bug-free playtime outdoors. You may need to repeat the mouthwash version more often than traditional bug spray, but the effects will be surprising.

Warning: Avoid whitening mouthwashes, as they may whiten your clothing.

  1. Eliminate ants

The ants will march in your house unless you find the way how to stop them. So, you can create your own solution to kill and repel them from your home. According to Frugal & Thrifty, you can mix mouthwash, dish soap, and hydrogen peroxide together in equal parts. Pour the mixture into the spray bottle and spray it on ant-infested areas and leave it to soak for up to 15 minutes. This mixture can be used safely for in homes with children and pets.

  1. Reduce washing machine odors

Washing machines get dirty in the process of cleaning the clothes. They can have musty smells trapped in seals or general grime around the edges, which won’t perform at its best.

To clean and disinfect your washer use 1/2 cup antiseptic mouthwash in an empty load cycle.

  1. Disinfect clothes safely

Many people avoid using bleach or other harsh chemicals in their laundry and use natural products for clothes cleaning.

By using 1 cup of mouthwash in a load of dirty clothes will help you to disinfect and eliminate harmful bacteria from the clothing. According to Adam Dachis of LifeHacker, the best option is an antiseptic mouthwash without artificial coloring.

  1. Calm the itch

The antiseptic mouthwash, thanks to its cooling sensation, can provide relief from the itch caused by bug bites and rashes.

DIY Natural explains that the alcohol in mouthwash may help heal the rash by helping to dry it out. You can use a soaked cotton ball with mouthwash and to dab it on the affected area as needed.

  1. Clean the toilet

If you want to avoid specialty chemical cleaners for your bathroom, then you can opt for the healthiest option.

For example, to clean the toilet bowl, you can pour approximately 1 cup of mouthwash, let it work for approximately 30 minutes. Then, you need a quick swipe of the toilet brush and your toilet will sparkle.

  1. Keep flowers looking fresh

Cut flowers can often droop quickly. According to Real Simple, the antiseptic qualities of mouthwash may reduce the bacteria present and help extend the life of your bouquet.

Always pour a capful of mouthwash into the vase before arranging your flowers.

  1. Soak your toothbrush

Everyone should be aware that is also necessary to clean the toothbrush, after a couple of cleaning the teeth.

You can create your own an inexpensive toothbrush cleaner. Pour enough mouthwash to cover the head of your toothbrush into a small jar and leave it overnight.

By using these creative tips for using mouthwash in your home you can save your time and money. We, also recommend you to share them with your friends!



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