Neuroscientists Claim This Song Reduces Anxiety By 65% [Listen]

Nowadays, almost every person suffers from some form of anxiety. This assertion is supported by many researchers and surveys, such as the survey conducted in 2013 in the U.K. This was a nearly four-year-lasted survey, which showed that 41.6% of college students suffer from anxiety.

The statistics in the UK tells us that approximately one-third of women (and one in ten for men) suffer from panic attacks.

In fact, as that happens frequently, it’s even become normal to feel stressed out most of the time. There are different subjects that make this stress a reality, from some world issues, such as wars, poverty, catastrophes, but also issues closer to you, in your environment of living.

That challenged the researchers to look for the solutions to release the stress, and at Mindlab International, based in the U.K., they have developed a song that can reportedly reduce anxiety in individuals by 65%. They conducted a study that involved participants trying to solve complex stress situations, measuring their brain activity by sensors (heart rate, the rate of breathing and blood pressure). The song “Weightless” was found to drastically reduce anxiety, and additionally, they found that music helped reduce their physiological resting rates by 35%.

The song was composed by the Marconi Union and designed to induce a highly relaxed state. All that was done with the collaboration of the musicians and the sound therapists, in order to produce the perfect arrangement of harmonies, bass lines, and rhythms. You can listen to it for yourself here:

As the stress is somehow linked to all modern illnesses, it’s important for everyone to adopt a practice and to find inner peace.

There are many strategies how to lower anxiety in individuals and achieve the peace, such as meditation, exercise, yoga, and creative endeavors. All of them have significant effects in lowering the amount of cortisol produced by the body. Cortisol precedes inflammation and causes diseases of comfortable circumstances and other concerns, such as weight gain.


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