I Never Imagined That Toothpaste Could Do So Many Things. Check Out These 20 Amazing Tricks!

In the following post, you will find out 20 different ways to use your toothpaste, and they all will be of great help to your daily activities, mostly around the household.

Go ahead and buy yourself an extra tube because once you read these tips, you will want to try them out for sure.

20 ways you can use your toothpaste

  1. Nail polish remover
  • Toothpaste can be used as a nail polish remover. It will not only remove the nail polish effectively, but it will also give a nice smell to your nails.
  1. Silver polish
  • Rubbing some toothpaste on your silver items will clean them nicely and effectively. The shine to your old silver items will be restored.
  1. Car headlights
  • Rubbing some toothpaste on your car headlights will make them clean like the day you bought them.
  1. Old piano keys
  • Toothpaste is a perfect cleaner for the piano keys. Just try it out and your piano keys will be as good as new.
  1. Shoes
  • Clean your shoes from any type of dirt just by using toothpaste and nothing else.
  1. Foggy swimming goggles
  • Use toothpaste to clean your swimming googles and prevent them from fogging. Cleaning them this way will leave a thin-layered film which is what keeps them protected from fogging.
  1. Water stains on tables
  • The stubborn water stains on any table can be easily cleaned by using some toothpaste.
  1. Ink stains on shirts
  • Removing ink form clothes is very hard and we all know this. But, by using toothpaste on them they will look as good as new. Just add some toothpaste on the stain and gently rub and after that leave it overnight. The following morning, just wash it and it will be stain-free.
  1. Hair dye stains
  • To remove hair dye stains from your towels, just add toothpaste on the stain and leave it overnight so it can dry. The following day just wash the towel and the stain will be gone.
  1. Mosquito bites
  • Rubbing some toothpaste on the skin bumps caused by mosquito bites will help relieve the irritation and annoying itching.
  1. Pimples and acne
  • According to many people who are facing acne and pimples problems, putting toothpaste on the affected area and leaving it overnight to dry will help clean your skin.
  1. Iron
  • Polish the iron with toothpaste to restore its shine and clean it.
  1. Mobile phone
  • Apply toothpaste on your mobile screen and rub gently to clean it.
  1. Removes shoe smell
  • With the help of some toothpaste and an old toothbrush you can easily get rid of the unpleasant shoe odor.
  1. Carpet stains
  • If you spill some coffee or wine on your carpet, just rub some toothpaste on the stain and it will be gone quickly.
  1. Dirty hands
  • The ingredients in toothpaste that help clean your teeth will do the same thing for cleaning your hands.
  1. Thermos
  • If you use your thermos a long time it can become stinky. But, with using toothpaste to clean it, you can remove the unpleasant smell and make your thermos smell fresh. To clean it just fill your thermos with water, add some toothpaste and shake it well.
  1. Scratched DVDs and CDs
  • Put toothpaste on scratched CDs and DVDs, and gently rub them with a napkin. Your old CD will now work without any problems.
  1. Car scratches
  • Using a soft cloth and some toothpaste will help you remove car scratches and make your car shine again.
  1. Glue posters
  • Use toothpaste to stick wall posters instead of glue. Put some toothpaste on the back of the wall poster and stick it on the wall. Using toothpaste instead of glue will also prevent your walls from damaging if you want to remove the wall poster.

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