New Cannabis Capsule Is So Effective That It’s Replacing Big Pharma Painkillers.

As time goes by, we are turning more and more to nature and the remedies it can provide.


People are starting to lose faith in the profit-oriented pharmaceutical companies and their drugs full of chemicals that often produce harmful side-effects.

Lately, countless studies are being conducted and published about the beneficial properties of the cannabis. Females probably know more than males about the effective use of cannabis in the treatment of menstrual cramps and will probably be more than happy when they hear that Foria Relief Company has invented a vaginal suppository that aims to potentially replace Ibuprofen, Midol and Vicodin.

This vaginal suppository was carefully made with a goal to use the abilities of cannabis to relax the muscles and increase the pain relief but its psychotropic properties are suppressed so you can’t ‘get high’ in the process.

FORIA Relief have extracted the active ingredients of pesticide-free cannabis flowers and combined 10mg of cannabidiol (CBD) and 60mg of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in a microbial-free process. They are using up-to-date extraction techniques for potency and purity standardization and have created a safe product that women can use without the fear of making them high.

You might be surprised to hear that the majority of the cannabinoid receptors are located in the pelvic area. That is why this is a more than a logical solution and it can put all of the positive cannabis effects to a good use.

People who have used this product report that it has greatly helped in reducing the pain and discomfort during their menstrual cycle. The two active ingredients, CBD and THC, activate specific cannabinoid receptors in the pelvic area. They directly affect the nerve endings in the ovaries, cervix, uterus and the muscles surrounding these areas.

THC’s role is to block the pain and to send the brain some more enjoyable signals. CBD, on the other hand, relaxes the muscles, reduces cramps and has a positive impact on the inflammation causing mechanisms.

Users are already starting to like this medicine. It is receiving positive reviews that are boasting its power to relax the clenched muscles and relieve the cramps. One user reported having completely lost the pain the midsection and described the feeling she got in the area below the waist as ‘floating in some other galaxy’.

Even though the Food and Drug Administration still hasn’t approved the medicine, women are continually using it. At the moment of writing this article, it can only be purchased in California but it is believed that it will expand with the spread of cannabis legalization.

FORIA is working on more products based on the curative properties of the cannabis. One of those products is FORIA Pleasure, a sensual enhancement oil that proves the aphrodisiac properties of the cannabis.

And lastly, a reminder. Even though all users of Foria Relief have only positive experiences, it is always good to consult your doctor before trying any new suppositories or inserting something in your body.


Sources and References: (By Justin Gardner)


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