Once You Hear This Psychiatrist’s Take On Alcohol, You’ll Never Drink Again

Statistics show that alcohol has been around for at least 12,000 years (since the Neolithic period). Many people enjoy drinking without any problems, but over drinking can have very serious consequences. Alcohol abuse not only harms the health of the individuals but damages relationships and society in general.

Alcohol is particularly painful as it kills people in a specific way, very slowly. Mostly, people who drink alcohol experience liver problems, which is one of the serious problems of the death.  We will be focused today on three major types of liver-related issues:

  1. Fatty liver diseases

It is characterized by the accumulation of extra fat in the liver and it is very common in heavy drinkers. The good news is that it can be avoided and disappears once the person quits drinking.

  1. Alcohol hepatitis

The consequences of the alcohol hepatitis are liver damages and swelling.  The big number of heavy drinkers (about 35 percent) are developing at certain point hepatitis and run the risk of serious complications, such as liver failure and even death.

  1. Alcoholic cirrhosis

Alcoholic cirrhosis is a condition of the damaged liver which results in poor liver function. It actually occurs in the people who find it difficult to stop and eventually end up drinking regularly and can run the risk of the aforementioned diseases.

When speaking about the drinking, it is important to look at the psychological aspect of heavy drinking (its effects on the brain and the mental state).

When the people consume alcohol, about 33 percent of it goes through the stomach and into the blood. The rest of alcohol is absorbed by the small intestine, and usually, it ends up in the bloodstream.

The blood is caring it everywhere in the body, given that most cell membranes are quite porous. So, according to the experts, more than two drinks in a day for men and one drink daily for women are the highest amounts that can be count as a normal. If you go over this limit it can cause serious issues!

How alcohol affects your brain

The effects of alcohol on the brain are quite diverse.  Even though you’ll get pleasure from it, you should be aware that dopamine receptors become less receptive. However, if you addicted to it, when you quit drinking, you’ll experience withdrawal symptoms.

There are other effects that alcohol causes, such as motor coordination, memory loss, and many other short-term and long-term effects.

Alcohol and your body

Dr. Ball states that the alcohol dependency and drinking on a regular basis do serious damage to your bodies in general.  Besides the effects on your brain, it has cognitive impairment as well as the organ repercussions like liver disease. Additionally, alcohol abuse contributes to dementia, oesophagal problems, delirium, and organ failures.

Finally, the experience shows that there is a strong link between alcohol abuse and both sexual assaults and violence.

According to the conservative estimates of sexual assault in the USA, around 25 percent of American women have experienced sexual assault, including rape. Around one-half of those cases is linked to the consumption of alcohol by the perpetrator, victim, or both.

There are multiple pathways how alcohol contributes to sexual assault through:

–           Effects on sexual and aggressive behavior,

–           Stereotypes about drinking women, and

–           Alcohol’s effects on cognitive and motor skills that contribute to alcohol-involved sexual assault

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