People Are Recreating Iconic Works of Art With Objects Found at Home During Self-Quarantine


Like many other public places and cultural institutions in Los Angeles, J. Paul Getty Museum is also on lockdown because of the coronavirus spread. Even though no one can see the art, workers at the museum have made a challenge for people in a way to keep them engaged with their art. Their social media followers have been challenged to make a recreation of the art pieces in the museum with either objects or people from their own homes. The pictures that were shared on the internet will not disappoint you.

The museum made a post of examples for this challenge that their staff made. After that, Twitter users started replying to the Getty with their recreations. Many of the users even used their pets to replace the human subjects in the paintings. Everyone that posted a reply had their creative way to work around and make an amazing recreation of famous art pieces using everyday items.

Mona Lisa from pics

"The Milkmaid" Johannes Vermeer. Right: A recreation submitted by Alex Woollard (@Woollards) from GettyMuseumChallenge

I recreated "Woman In A Fish Hat" by Picasso for Getty Museum’s Recreation Contest from pics

My sister in-law’s Getty Museum challenge. Innocence by William-Adolphe Bouguereau. from pics

Frida Quarantine from GettyMuseumChallenge

One person used a bunch of toilet paper rolls to recreate a powdered wig that was painted in 18th-century Parisian painting. Others used a dustpan to replace a blue house from a Chagall painting.

Most of the creations will make you imagine what the human mind can do and the art forms it can create. Some of the posts might even make you laugh. You might want to look around your house and see if you can recreate some of these masterpieces.

Artemisia Gentileschi, Mary Magdalene as Melancholy from GettyMuseumChallenge

Love this challenge. I live by myself so I had to set set a 10s timer and run into position. from pics

My take on Rosie the Riveter from GettyMuseumChallenge

Lady 1-Ply, Keeper of Non-Perishables and Protector of the Soap. from funny

My wife’s Getty Museum Challenge from pics

My Dad’s Getty Museum Challenge; Saturn devouring his son by Goya from pics

Getty Challenge – Frida Kahlo from GettyMuseumChallenge

The Getty museum is not the only account that tries to make such creative challenges for its followers. However, the challenge became so popular that the ‘Getty Museum Challenge’ is trending big. Getty got the idea from Tussen Kunst & Quarantine which is a Dutch Instagram meaning ‘Between Art and Quarantine”. This account has been posting recreations of masterpieces for a bunch of weeks. Another Instagram by the name of COVID Classics is also posting pictures of recreating art. The description for this Instagram says “four roommates who love art… and are indefinitely quarantined.”




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