Rare Baby Panda Twins Born During Pandemic Named Safe And Sound


Born on the 17th of March, these one-month-old baby pandas are a new hope to the world. During these difficult times, Chengdu Research and Breeding Base of Giant Panda are bringing us joyful news that somehow will brighten up our day.

Their mother, Fuwa – ‘Lucky Doll’, gave birth to the twins that are the only set of panda twins in the world born captivated.

According to MailOnline, the cute baby cubs weighed particular 159.8 grams (0.35 pounds) and 119.5g (0.26lb) when they were born.

One month later, they weight 800g (1.76lb) and the other over 1kg (2.2lb) respectively. It is told they are doing well and are healthy.

The state broadcaster CCTV shared footage of their prod mama and her babies while she is gently showering them, not only cleaning them but showers them with affection.

Wu Kongju, a researcher said:

“This is the fifth time Fuwa has become a mother. It is very rare for pandas to give birth in spring. She is turning 17 this year and now has eight babies.

It is also rare for Fuwa to show this much affection towards her babies. We are very glad.”

In the wake of the outbreak, it is a preferable choice to name the panda babies Safe and Sound. Despite how unusual they are, they will always remind that beautiful things can happen in the darkest times.

On the other hand in India, a mother gave birth to a set of twins was born in Chhattisgarh. She and her husband decided to call the babies Covid and Corona. They hope the names would remind them of the burden they coped with during the coronavirus outbreak.

The mother spoke to the news agency Press Trust of India, saying:

“The delivery happened after facing several difficulties and therefore, my husband and I wanted to make the day memorable.”

We all hope this news will distract you from the harsh reality. May Ping Ping and An An have a healthy and fulfilled life.





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