Studies Show That Husbands Stress Women Twice As Many As Children

The role of the women in a child’s life has been dominant, since the beginning of mankind. In the ancestral era, while the men were out, hunting to bring food to the caves, women used to stay in the caves collecting fruits and vegetables and taking care of the children.

This sharing of the responsibilities in the family was the same until women gained the right to work and started to earn their own salary just like the men did.

It is apparent that the training or parenting children have never been an easy task, but the women (mothers) are granted to develop it with a lot of experience.

Taking care of all the tasks of the family, they accepted on, is more than having a full-time job. All those responsibilities they accepted in the moment when they become mothers.

The experts that follow the growth of children, found that the most difficult and stressful part of that task is to confront every stage of the child because every stage is difficult in its own way. However mothers never give up, and everything is possible for them, which makes them really admirable.

The interesting thing here is how can husbands collaborate?

Assessing the stress of parenting in a real way can be concluded that there is the lack of support from the side of husbands.

However, experts suggest that parenting should be done by both of the parents.  However, for many reasons, as always, the harder tasks and the greater responsibility falls on the mother.

Many conducted studies show that the husband can stress out more than a child, and 45% of the mothers that participated in the studies confirmed the same.

When the life partners meet and decided to build together a life that both of them dreamed of, they started planning everything together, the house, jobs, children and other life concerning things.

Very rarely, the husbands are asked by their wives if they really want to put everything on them, to accomplish the plans they drove together. The surprise is even bigger because that doesn’t happen at all. Confirmation of many women is that their stress in their upbringing is because of the lack of the husbands’ support.

In many cases, men defended themselves that even if they offered help, the women refused, because they think that they would be able to solve all problems with the child alone.

To avoid this problem it is necessary to have proper communication and consultation, and both parties can understand the problems in order to solve them.

The stress that the women have is not healthy at all and is not good for parenting.


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