The Mixture That Will Make Your Home Smell so Wonderful…Your Neighbors Will Envy You

Everyone loves a wonderful smelling home, as it acts positively on the mind and the energy levels. It can be achieved in different ways, but many people, still find it difficult to remove.

Luckily, here you can find an amazing mixture that is a perfect for removing bad smell from your home and help you have a home that smells wonderful always!

Here’s the procedure for preparing it:


–           3 cups of lukewarm water

–           3 tablespoons of fabric softener

–           A tablespoon of baking soda

Method of Preparation:

1)         Put the fabric softener in an empty spray bottle

2)         Fill the bottle with water and add the baking soda

3)         Close it and shake everything well

4)         You can spray it anywhere in your home

5)         This smell will last a long time, but when you notice that it started to disappear, spray your home again!

Here is another mixture that is also used to make your clothes or your home to smell amazing. This is an amazing natural recipe for a fabric softener, too, but the smell is different from the previous one:


–           20 drops of any essential oil

–           800 ml. of ACV

–           200 ml. of hot water

–           10 gr. of baking soda

Method of Preparation:

1)         Put the baking soda along with the ACV in a plastic container

2)         Pour the water inside and you’ll see the reaction, so you should wait for it to pass.

3)         Put this mixture into an empty spray bottle and add the essential oil

4)         Keep it in an area that will be cool and dry

5)         Use this homemade softener in the washing machine or just soak your clothes inside.

The clothes will be very soft and they’ll also smell very good!

This natural fragrance will help you to get rid of any odor in your home and will smell pleasant and fresh. Spray it anywhere you like!

These homemade products should be used more often, and your clothes and your homes will smell amazing and you won’t be full of toxic matters caused by the commercial products!

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