These 8 Medications Destroy Your Kidneys, But Doctor Still Prescribe Them!

Many times totally trusting to the doctor’s advice and taking prescribed medicine is not the best solution.

Also, tending to take a few pills at whatever point we suffer from some pain, can make various side effects on some of the organs in the body. The most prone organ of the body to the bad effects of some pills are the kidneys.

Sometimes, depending on medicines for treating some basic diseases, you can cause an even more serious problem than you might suspect.

Because of that, it is highly recommended to avoid some of the unsafe solutions, replacing them with natural cures which are 100% free of side effects.

According to many types of research and experts, there are numerous herbs that can be with the same effects even against cancer, compared with the traditional cancer medications.

Most of the medications deter the capacity of your kidneys and stimulate build up of poisons in the tissues and blood and thus harming the overall health!

Having that in mind, it is very significant to realize that when this happens, you may need an extensive medical treatment.

In order to avoid any inconvenience, we offer you a list of medications that you have to keep away from use:

–           Antibiotics: methicillin, vancomycin ciprofloxacin, and sulfonamides.

–           Analgesics: NSAIDs like ibuprofen and aspirin and acetaminophen.

–           Anti-inflammatory drugs: infliximab, hydroxychloroquine, colloquia.

–           Antivirals: acyclovir, tenofovir, indinavir

–           Anticonvulsants: phenytoin, trimethadione,

–           High blood pressure drugs: captopril

So, stay away from these medications, and focus on utilizing natural treatments, which are 100% safe and most of the times more successful than these drugs!


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