These Pan-Fried Cinnamon Bananas Couldn’t Be Easier To Make


For many housewives, the first thought, when they have overripe bananas, is to make banana bread. However, here we will give you another way to get rid of these delicious, healthy fruits before they are completely spoiled. The advantage of this method of preparation is that it is very simple and the trim will really fascinate you. Those who have already tried it have turned this recipe into an ordinary afternoon snack or breakfast.

This cinnamon fried banana recipe was shared by Kristin King at the Dizzy Busy & Hungry blog, who would be pleased to have as many people try and enjoy it.

Only four ingredients are needed for the preparation, which probably every family has in their kitchen – sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, and bananas. This type of snack (breakfast) is prepared in just 10 minutes (five minutes of preparation and five minutes of cooking).


  • Mix the sugar and spices together
  • After you put your banana slices into a pan, sprinkle the mixture on top and start cooking
  • Eventually, after 2 minutes, you can flip the banana slices and add the rest of the sugar and spice mixture to the other side, then heat it all until it’s done.

In the opinion of many who have tried them, a better version of fried sweet bananas is better than an uncooked one!

For a complete method and additional tips, visit Dizzy Busy & Hungry, here:




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