Use This Leaf and Say Goodbye to Varicose Veins, Joint Pain, Headaches, and Lack of Memory

Along with the other spicy ingredients used in almost each household, the people usually use laurel in numerous dishes and meals. The leaves of this plant are extremely important for a fit body and healthy metabolism because they provide plenty of benefits.

Laurel leaves can be also used for making a medicinal oil, which is very effective for healing a lot of health problems:

Benefits of laurel leaves:

–          Calm down the nervous system

–          Clean the colon

–          Improve the concentration

–          Increase the intellectual power

–          Strengthen the immunity

–          Treat joint pain and varicose veins

–          Stimulate sweating

Follow the next instructions how to prepare this medicinal oil – Recipe:


–          30 grams of bay leaves

–          250 ml of olive oil

Method of Preparation:

1)         Grind the bay leaves,

2)         Pour the olive oil over them and put the mixture in a bottle or a glass jar

3)         Close it tightly and place it in a cold and dark area for 2 weeks

4)         Shake the bottle on a daily basis

5)         After 2 weeks filtrate the oil by using a gauze

6)         Put the liquid in another container and store it in a cool room.

Benefits of laurel oil:

  1. a) Painful joints – heat up the oil a little bit and apply it on the painful area.
  2. b) Treat an earache and migraines – rub the laurel oil in your temples. You can expect the disappearing of a migraine soon.
  3. c) Improves the food taste.
  4. d) Decreases the body temperature.
  5. e) Improves your digestion
  6. f) Improve the function of the intestines.
  7. g) Heals hepatic and renal problems.
  8. h) Solves facial skin problems – use it as a lotion for your face and eliminate acne and pimples effectively.


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