Wifi Experiment Done By a Group of 9th Grade Students Got Serious Global Attention. Here is Why..

Since the Wi-Fi is introduced in 1997, researchers have performed dozens of studies to explore the subject. For many, Wi-Fi is convenient but others have raised doubts concerning the safety of unseen forces that invade everything around the people’s living environment.

Something that attracted the attention of many famous scientists, radiation experts, and the ordinary people was the experiment that was performed by five girls in 9th grade from Jutland.

The girls didn’t expect this, and their experiences were really amazing.

They started experiment when their level of concentration at school was really low. As they explained there were in a specific condition, very tired and if they slept with the phones next to their head, they suffered from insomnia and weren’t able to concentrate.

What did they do for the experiment?

  • They took 400 cress seeds and put them in 12 plates.
  • Then, they put 6 plates in different rooms at equal temperature, treating the seeds in the plates in the same way (equal amount of sun and water) for twelve days.

But, six of the plates were located next to Wi-Fi routers, which emits an equal amount of radiation like a cell phone.

They were shocked after 12 days when they saw the results!

The seeds, which were placed next to the Wi-Fi routers didn’t grow, and even some of them died, while the others progressed well.

These results were very scary for the girls because was obvious that the Wi-Fi made so much damage.

This shocking news attracted also the professor at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Olle Johanson, who was really amazed by this experiment. He even repeated the experiment together with his colleague, Professor Marie- Claire Cammaert at the Vrije Univerisity from Bruxelles.

He agreed that the girls did a great job, pointing that choosing cress seeds was the very smart thing to do. He was so enthusiastic about the results that girls got, which was the starting point for him to go further.

He even sent a message right away, believing that they will continue to do this, as they are very talented and I he invited them in his work-team!

The results of the experiment have shown something very important, something that everyone is doing and is not aware of the negative effects.

The girls took a special attitude and have never slept with their phones and, have always checked if their laptops are turned off.

Recommended measures if you sleep next to a WI-FI router

Change the position of your bed,

Change the room or replace the router

Before you go to bed, leave your phone or your laptop in the other room.

The results showed that Wi-Fi can negatively affect overall health and brain health, especially in children.

Source: lifecoachcode.com

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