World’s Fittest Grandma Body Builder Celebrating Her 81st Birthday

The proof that the ages can’t limit you even in the bodybuilding is a story of Ernestine Shepherd, a woman that in her 81 years looks beautiful, strong and youthful that cannot be imagined.

She claims that the age is nothing but a number and succeeds to keep her perfectly toned six-pack abs.

Her story is unique, and even though she holds a record in the Guinness Book of World Records, but she wasn’t e bodybuilder all her life. Her marriage lasts for 54 years and Collin Shepherd admits that he ‘has trouble keeping guys away from her’. She started exercising when she was 56 years old.

Thanks to her condition she lives very active life without slowing down as she becomes older. Besides exercising she teaches models and fitness classes.

Her good condition is due to her rigorously training with the former M. Universe Yohnnie Shambourger, who won the gold medal in bodybuilding at the Pan American Games in 1995.

She works too hard, as she wakes up at 3 a.m. every day to meditate. She runs around 80 miles weekly and follows a calorie-controlled diet, based on vegetables, billed egg whites, chicken meat and drinks lots of water.  Additionally, she has no desire for sweets.

It is really interesting that she wasn’t always so fit and even she was a ‘couch potato’ until she was 56 years old.

When she and her older sister, Mildred, discovered that their bodies had started going soft, they entered some bodybuilding contests.

Unfortunately, Mildred died suddenly of an aneurysm, which really shocked Ernestine and her grief started to spiral out of control.

However, as both of them had promised to push themselves to be competitive bodybuilders. Ernestine decided to keep up that attitude.

So, she continued to train, which helps her remember Mildred.

In her interview in the Washington Post, she said that is not scared about the dead, but that her attitude is to live the quality of his life, and her idol is Sylvester Stallone.

As an active person, she attended nine marathons and won two bodybuilding contests during the last 18 years.

Ernestine had more than 250,000 followers on Facebook, she said that she feels young and that she is still determined, disciplined and dedicated to being fit!

You can see that Ernestine is not like any typical grandmother!

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