Your Body is Acidic. Here is what you NEED to Do To Help Prevent Cancer(That You Will Never Hear From Your Doctor)!

The body- acidity can be easily tied to many health issues of all sorts. This is confirmed by numerous studies that examined and analyzed the effect acidity has on the human organism.

Usually, body acidity is linked to the life-threatening diseases, such as cancer. In order to prevent and heal these diseases, you need to do the opposite of acidity, which is alkalizing the body.

The first what is important is to define your status, is your organism acidic or alkalized?

However, there are simple ways to figure this out, and you can start implementing healthy habits. It is always important to look at your pH levels in the body, having in mind that the ideal range of pH presence is from 7.0 — 7.4.

Not all the parts of the body have the same pH levels, for instance, the mouth and esophagus can lean towards a slight acidity (6.8), which is normal. However, you should be careful if the stomach’s acidity is around 1.3 in pH, because that is overly acidic.

For healthy intestines and proper circulation of the body fluids, you need to keep the pH levels somewhere between 5.5 and 7.

Dr. Otto Warburg explains that cancer is mostly triggered by acidic organisms, so immediately when you notice an abnormality in the pH levels, you need to implement the proper measures.

The usual health issues that occur in case of pH levels imbalance are digestive tract problems, exhaustion, tiredness, and others.

The importance of pH levels is actually connected with controlling the majority of the operation within the body, such as the insulin levels, blood pressure, and cholesterol. The people with the ideal pH balance are with the optimal body weight, perfect immunity, and general wellbeing.

How to recognize if you are suffering from body acidity?

You should pay attention to the following symptoms:

–           Confusion

–           Tiredness and Exhaustion

–           Dysfunction of the cerebrum of the brain, which can lead to coma

–           Headaches

–           Flapping tremor

–           Tremors

–           Sleepiness

However, as the medical progress is significant in that subject, you can easily check your pH levels. The only you need is litmus strip that can be easily found in local pharmacies and you can do it by yourself.

You need to analyze your saliva and urine on daily basis and compare results. The saliva should vary between 7 and 7.4 throughout the day, while the morning urine should have levels between 6 and 6.5.

The persistent and pointed path you’ll need to take is the body’s alkalization, but radical changes should be done after defining the exact diagnosis. Some of the measures that doctors recommend to take are alkaline minerals (cesium chloride, rubidium, germanium, and others).

In addition, the increase of intake of organic fruits, nuts, vegetables, and seeds will be of great help to alkalize body faster.

Not always acidic body means bad. This can be the case with lemons and limes, which is citric in flavor but are actually recommended for alkalizing the organism. So, it is highly recommended to prepare yourself lemon water and to drink it every morning. Your body will change step by step.

Avoiding stress will help you to balance acidity, so make sure you get enough rest during the day and the night.


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